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You can hear a high-pitched, frantic voice coming from up ahead. Sounds like someone is in trouble, and as you approach you see there’s a trail of hooved footprints that look to have trampled out an impromptu clearing. Scooping some foliage out of your face, you can see there’s a creature facing away from you off to the side. It looks to be tauric in nature, with four hooved legs, furred, and a bare humanoid upper half at the front of its body. You look down and are unsurprised to see a large, pink and fully erect horsecock swinging from its undercarriage – seems like everything out here wants to fuck. It turns towards you and you’re taken aback – you’re faced with a beautiful woman with flowing red hair down to her chest. She trots in your direction and you can see her hair was partially masking her breasts, which look to be about a C-cup and capped with pink nipples. As she gets closer, you note her face is red and that she’s breathing heavily, her hair strewn wildly and breasts rapidly moving up and down with her inhalations. She greets you first.

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