Amber Helix

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Defeat wave after wave of intergalactic objects as you hunt down the DNA sequence known to its pursuers as the Amber-Helix or “GOD” for short! Though the claims that the DNA contains all the knowledge and wisdom of the universe, the ages, and even the secret code on the back Looped Zeta Fruit cereal box, these theories cannot be substantiated! The pursuers are not dissuaded by the lack of evidence. Get on board and standby for an epic space adventure.

  • Back to Zombieland

    Humans and a zombie.
    Welcome back to Zombieland. Things haven't been the same since the jerky hum...
  • The Dragons Adven..

    Flaying dragon
    Fly around magical island on the dragons back and fight evil sorcerers and me...
  • Epic Time Pirates

    Fight your way through other worldly realms as you adventure through the time...
  • The Viking's Revenge

    The Vikings are coming
    Send out your troops Viking General! Get those islands and plot your world do...
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    The game field
    Only you can prevent the theft of the power crystals that are being stored in...
  • Zombotron 2: Time ..

    Giant Alien Planet
    Get the fuel for your time machine! Time is short and you must get out of her...
  • One Arrow (Ludum D..

    Girl with a bow
    As if being lost in the forest isn't challenging enough, now you only have o...
  • Super Julio 5

    creepy monsters
    In the sky, it's a pigeon! It's a comercial airliner! No it'sssssss that d...
  • Epic Boss Fighter

    epic monster
    The enemies from space are here to kill us all and the one person that can sa...
  • Last Line of Defen..

    Last Line of Defense: Second Wave
    LAST Line of Defense: SECOND Wave brings you action, zombies and an oxymoron ...