Bazooka Boy 2

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Do you know what's funnier than trapping kids in dark underground caves? Trapping kids in underground caves with access to high end explosives that are sure to make someone lose more than a finger in the eventual cave in that'll make the Chilean miners look like a bunch of entitled whiny b*****s that are too retarded to use shovels and pick axes.rnrnMove: W,A,S,D - Aim/Shoot: Mouse - Reset Level: R

  • Beneath the Trolls

    Beneath the Trolls
    You were invented to an underground cavern party by some trolls but they ende...
  • Bloodbath Avenue p..

    hot warrior
    The zombies are coming (ew, gross!) and they want to eat your brains (ew, gro...
  • Legend of the Void

    Legend of the Void
    The Arch-Mage Gazzen has performed a dark ritual called the Void. It has rain...
  • Cursed Treasure L..

    The game field
    Only you can prevent the theft of the power crystals that are being stored in...
  • Corporate Wars: Th..

    Space city
    Planet PX-21 is at danger! The military wants to destroy it. They hate all li...
  • Teddy Bear Picnic ..

    Mad teddy bear
    This bear is one tough son of a bitch :) He hates stupid picnics and is ready...
  • Battle for Darkness

    Mighty warriors
    Step up and command your own army of darkness! Use your evil minion horde to ...
  • Sin Mark

    You are the only one that can stand between us and the tide of darkness. Figh...
  • Ragdoll Ninja

    Dead ragdolls
    Welcome young ninja dude! This is your first trial to become one of the famed...
  • Earth Taken 2

    Green aliens
    You are the last of your kind, the final hope for the now extinct species of ...