Bloons Player Pack 2

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Play 50 exciting levels of Bloons! There is no need to quit monkeying around here! Help the monkey pop all of the balloons with as few darts as possible. Now with fifty exciting, challenging, and mind bending balloon puzzles. Hit the bonus balloons that have graphics in them to pop even more!

  • UFO Mission

    UFO Mission
    Get in your flying saucer and ride off around the world! See exciting farm an...
  • The Great Bazooki

    A dude and balloons
    Can you perform magic card throwing tricks like the Great Bazooki? This fun a...
  • Monkey Go Happy Va..

    Monkeys need a little love too! This fun game offers you exciting puzzles th...
  • Police Station Par..

    the Police station parking lot
    Rev up the engine in your police car and scream through the Police station pa...
  • Bury My Bones

    Them bones! Blow the bellows, pop the skully balloons, roll, shake, and rattl...
  • Monkey Go Happy Ma..

    sad monkey
    Monkeys like fancy hats, monkeys like solving puzzles! If you can do this and...
  • Adventures of Harry

    balloon and mouse
    Harry has decided to take his obsessive cheese fetish to the next level by fl...
  • Monkey Go Happy Ca..

    Monkey Go Happy Candy
    Help the monkey adventure through a land built of candy and confections as he...
  • Monkey Go Happy Ma..

    Help the Pencilkids monkeys complete a series of tricky tasks in this all-sta...
  • Papa's Cheeseria

    Papa's Cheeseria
    Papa Louie has his sights set on opening another exciting restaurant! Help Pa...