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The boss is a Philanthropist, the bad guys hate him. Get your physics puzzle loving mind on track to defend the boss at all costs! Simply draw the wood block into a shape that will, when engaged by cannons and laser, will stop the attack! It's kinda tricky but there is a solution for each Drawfender puzzle. Your way may be the best!

  • Cube Droid Saves t..

    The first level
    Get all the scrap dumped on the nearby planet! It won't be easy, but you can...
  • Drawfender: Level ..

    Drawfender: Level Pack
    Draw upon your greater sense of special relationships as you protect yourself...
  • Escape Plan: Shopp..

    Escape room after room after you get locked into the local mall for the secon...
  • Push Da Blocks

    This awesome puzzle game is simple yet challenging. To play you simply use th...
  • Must Escape the Ca..

    Burning candle on the wall
    This escape game puzzle is truly challenging. You are stuck in the dungeon of...
  • Alice in Clumsy Land

    Rabbit and stars
    Enter an amazing and mystical storybook world of wonder with Alice and Rabbit...
  • Candy Ride

    A boy and candies
    All the sweet thrills of an arcade skill game. Candy Ride has awesome physics...
  • Rats Invasion

    Two angry rats
    Rats, I smell a rat in here! If you ever wanted to choke a rat, stab a rat or...
  • Puzzle Chain React..

    Balls and arrows
    Physics still applies in this awesome logic puzzle. The difficulty ramps up a...
  • Save The Dummy: Ho..

    The Dummy
    You have a dummy friend that seems to have gotten himself stuck after a long ...