Hex Empire

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This very engaging and detailed tactics and strategy, turn based, game will keep you entertained for hours and hours. Select your troops and discover the world under the map. Finding chumps that will sign a pact with you may prove to be tricky, but keep up the good work and sooner or later, someone will sign.

  • Big Dig: Treasure ..

    Use your treasure finding tools to find the ancient treasures around the worl...
  • The Price

    After waking up and finding yourself in a dark and mysterious maze you only h...
  • The Bravest Hunter

    Two boys fighting for life
    Journey through a mystical world and battle epic enemies. Do the missions and...
  • Dig to China

    COOL! Retro digging game that will have its way dug into your heart in no tim...
  • Ten Second War

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  • The Viking's Revenge

    The Vikings are coming
    Send out your troops Viking General! Get those islands and plot your world do...
  • Stick War

    A brave stickman is collecting gold
    Head out to Archidon to wage war. War is the new religion in this epic game a...
  • Jungle Siege

    The start of the game
    All right Private Jeff, or whatever your name is, suck it up and get yourself...
  • Legend of the Void 2

    Killing your enemies
    Use your personalized character to fight your way through the void in this am...
  • Warfare 1917

    Soldiers running to the trench
    Head to the trenches of of the First World War. The battleground is abuzz wit...