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In a world ruled by hipsters the end of everything has come at last and brought forth a devastation that cannot be measured. You must use the power of time to stop this from ever happening. You alone must face the greatest threat the world has ever seen. Fight the hipster, save the world. FIND THE IBLIS TRIGGER!!!!rnrnUse your mouse to interact with objects or people. And by mouse we mean your... teh heh!

  • Crystal Story 2

    A small boy
    One day.... as I looked up at the skies and clouds above me... something fell...
  • Earth Taken 2

    Green aliens
    You are the last of your kind, the final hope for the now extinct species of ...
  • Rise of the Titans

    Ugly monster
    The time of the Olympians has ended, we the Titans have risen up once more to...
  • Clicker Heroes

    Clicker Heroes
    The forest is under threat of evil little fart goblins that threaten to overt...
  • Sentry Knight

    Sentry Knight
    The creatures of darkness have torn open the veil and now swarm into our worl...
  • Colony Defenders T..

    Oh noes, our mining camps on Xolara are being attacked by strange alien creat...
  • Defence of the Por..

    Defence of the Portal
    The zombies have risen up from their graves and are trying to cross a portal ...
  • Pixel Escape

    Pixel Escape
    The people of Pixeland lived in peace for as long as anyone could remember un...
  • Dragon Princess

    Dragon Princess
    In an ancient land, a powerful evil has stolen the almighty Dragon Heart Tali...
  • Decision 3

    This is the third part of a popular action game "Decision". Kill all your ene...