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Manage your new hotel in the beautiful Philippines! No all you have to do is convince the locals and tourists that the island isn’t inhabited by monsters! That should be easy right? Upgrade your hotel with all of the modern conveniences and just hope that the Thailand hotels are at capacity and everyone needs your hotel!

  • Resort Empire

    Resort Empire
    This awesome hotel management game is perfect for gamers that love games like...
  • Theme Hotel

    A laundry and coffee
    Build your own exciting and swanky theme hotel. See how big of a hotel and re...
  • Puzzle Monsters

    The second level
    There is only room for one monster on this island, or any island in this game...
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    Papa's Freezeria
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    Police cars in the parking lot
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    A pink monster near to bubbles
    Help the bubble monster pop all the bubbles! The bubbles are threatening to c...
  • Car Park Chaos

    Three cars parking
    Drive some of the fastest cars in the UK and hope that you don't ram into ot...
  • Speed Escape 2

    Hose hanging on the wall in the horse stables
    You have three areas to escape from in less than 5 minutes. This escape game ...
  • Spider Solitaire

    The beginning of the game
    Get over your arachnophobia, it's time for some awesome Spider Solitaire act...
  • Diggy

    Catch that wandering truffle
    Diggy is a very cool dude with crazy glasses. Help him find the wandering tru...