Monster Crusade

played 556 times


As a wise wizard stuck in a dungeon with hordes of scary monsters and zombies, you are simply not afraid. You have to kill all of them with your super wizardy skills to survive what night be a horror to mere mortals. Gain valuable power up and upgrade your wizard to take on more evil!

  • Rogan the Swordmas..

    Warriors fighting
    Oh no! The Ancient Jewel has fallen in to wrong hands. The Evil Wizard used i...
  • Tequila Zombies 2

    Killing the zombie
    Kill the zombies, that are crossing the Mexican border and get their tequila,...
  • Pact

    A hero in the forest
    A army of evil creatures are coming. Nasty Demon is behind it all. He wants t...
  • Dungeon Runner

    Dungeon Runner
    Power up and run through the doom filled dungeons as you quest to collect coi...
  • Ram Time

    Ram Time
    As a wizard you have been called upon to lead a ramrodding army of misadventu...
  • Ninja vs Zombies 2

    Two zombies walking
    Defend the temple from the zombies! It is your fate young ninja, use your swe...
  • Marly: The Epic Ge..

    a adventurous small gecko
    This cute gecko Marly is very adventurous. He is not afraid of anything or an...
  • Zombudoy 2: The Ho..

    Zombies and a Christmas tree
    An evil Demon has released hungry Zombies to steal your Christmas presents. W...
  • Click Battle: Madn..

    Click Battle: Madness
    Click quickly in this battle of madness! This challenging game will have you ...
  • Defence of the Por..

    Defence of the Portal
    The zombies have risen up from their graves and are trying to cross a portal ...