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After the purging of humans from the Earth, the critters were given intelligence and lead peaceful lives for a thousand years! There is a new evil in town and there is only one hero who can vanquish it. The brave canine Paladin known only as Paladog is here to save the critters from ultimate evil. You must help him on his quest!

  • Revenge Dojo

    Revenge Dojo
    Beaver-napping is a crime and our hero Dojo will put an end to it when he cha...
  • Pact

    A hero in the forest
    A army of evil creatures are coming. Nasty Demon is behind it all. He wants t...
  • Civilizations Wars..

    An army
    Order your amazing elven army into action! Claim buildings of the North Pole!...
  • Flying Chops

    Flaying pigs
    You got the chops, and the farmer wants them, pork chops that is! Save the pi...
  • House of Wolves

    old guard tower
    The evil Lord Vilereck has kidnapped the super-hot princess and it is YOUR jo...
  • Crystal Story 2

    A small boy
    One day.... as I looked up at the skies and clouds above me... something fell...
  • Summon the Hero

    Choose a mighty hero to raise an army to fight the evil bandits that are atta...
  • Army Sharpshooter 2

    The enemies of our nation are coming for us and you must be the hero to take ...
  • Ram Time

    Ram Time
    As a wizard you have been called upon to lead a ramrodding army of misadventu...
  • Last Legacy: Null ..

    Last Legacy: Null Space
    Adventure from from wormhole to worm hole in order to find the evil villains ...