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How do you take over an bizarre world of pixiels and challenging enemies? You Neek up on them! Join your hero “Neek” and use your zapper to kill all the monsters in this amazingly cool retro-styled game. Unlock other Heroes to dominate this strange futuristic retro world. Good luck and have fun!

  • Feudalism 3

    Big battle and blood is everywhere
    The age of feudalism is back with vengeance. Your job is to build great army ...
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    cannon shooting monsters
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    Strike Force Kitty
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    Rogue Soul 2
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    Pixel boy
    Lost on a deserted island, you must protect the eggs from the invading sea cr...
  • Pact

    A hero in the forest
    A army of evil creatures are coming. Nasty Demon is behind it all. He wants t...
  • Boss 101

    Big monster and a yet-pack boy.
    Do you like aliens, robocreatures, dinosaurs or badass fighters? No? Good! In...