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You just left the bar to find out that your redneck town has been invaded by zombies. Just what you needed, zombie buzz kills. Use your mob of drinking buddies to eliminate the zombie iuinfestation. Use the action bar to create some excitement, keep your car running, and keep your self alive long enough to survive.

  • Tequila Zombies 2

    Killing the zombie
    Kill the zombies, that are crossing the Mexican border and get their tequila,...
  • Trucking Zombies

    big fellow shooting zombies
    What kind of mother trucking game is this! That's right, you got some pretty...
  • Storm Saws

    A scary monster
    You have been locked in a room of doom! See how long you can avoid the flying...
  • Dead Zed 2

    Zombie shooting range gaming at its best! Use your handgun to mow down the un...
  • Shadowscape

    creepy dude
    You are lost in the shadows of nothing and now you must find a way to escape ...
  • Bloodbath Avenue p..

    hot warrior
    The zombies are coming (ew, gross!) and they want to eat your brains (ew, gro...
  • Battle of Heroes

    Battle of Heroes
    Lead your troops of the “Holly Sun Empire!” Whaaat? Heck yeah! This game is a...
  • Zombie Riot

    Zombie Riot
    Zombie riots are attacking the city (lol Evil sentient riots ftw!)! Find surv...
  • Still Alive

    The good news is that when the zombies get to the cabin they stop moving maki...
  • Earn to Die 2: Exo..

    Earn to Die 2: Exodus
    You are a zombie apocalypse survivor and one bad driver! Get in your vehicle ...