Strike Force Heroes

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You are scientist trapped in a secret research facility in the middle of the ocean. With your secret formula almost finished, your lab is invaded by military forces. You must escape, escape or face the consequences! You must use your arrows to find your way. Be super careful it's dangerous in here. You must be stealthy!

  • Legend of the Void

    Legend of the Void
    The Arch-Mage Gazzen has performed a dark ritual called the Void. It has rain...
  • Zombinsanity

    A boy and a zombie
    In the year 2079 you awaken in deep space to horrors beyond your imagination....
  • Super Marshmellow ..

    funny guy
    After deciding that it would be a good idea to see what this whole "bath sal...
  • Zombotron

    You are lost on a Zombie filled planet of doom! Get your space suit and your ...
  • Shadowscape

    creepy dude
    You are lost in the shadows of nothing and now you must find a way to escape ...
  • Beneath the Trolls

    Beneath the Trolls
    You were invented to an underground cavern party by some trolls but they ende...
  • Zombified Farm

    After the crazy old farmer that runs this barnyard got drunk and accidentally...
  • Escape to Hell

    Escape to Hell
    You have to be quick when you crash through castle dungeons in search of your...
  • Still Alive

    The good news is that when the zombies get to the cabin they stop moving maki...
  • Focus

    Escape the evil dungeon! Make your way through this mysterious and eerie laby...