The Kingdom of Solandia Uprising

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The Kingdom of Solandia is being a d**k again (probably from the heat) and wants to conquer you! Fight back with the power of your army and rule over this fantasy world with an iron fist or whatever! Rule the land, kill your foes and shoot your magic in the name of you.rnrnClick to command a unit or use a magic spell.

  • Magical Glory

    fighting scene
    In a time of myth and a land of magic, the destiny of a kingdom lies in the h...
  • Steam King

    Steam King
    You once ruled this kingdom with a mildly psychopathic and drugged up fist bu...
  • Feudalism 3

    Big battle and blood is everywhere
    The age of feudalism is back with vengeance. Your job is to build great army ...
  • Summon the Hero

    Choose a mighty hero to raise an army to fight the evil bandits that are atta...
  • Defence of the Por..

    Defence of the Portal
    The zombies have risen up from their graves and are trying to cross a portal ...
  • Pact

    A hero in the forest
    A army of evil creatures are coming. Nasty Demon is behind it all. He wants t...
  • Kingdom Rush Front..

    Your kingdom is under attack by nomadic desert tribes! The situation has gone...
  • Shine

    A girl in caves
    Step into the exciting life of Lucia! Lucia must deliver her magical light or...
  • Army Sharpshooter

    A soldier
    The lines have been drawn and our enemies uncovered. Now you, child of freedo...
  • Forbidden Arms

    When Muramasa came up with the totally awesome idea of forging a demonic blad...