Zombie Riot

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Zombie riots are attacking the city (lol Evil sentient riots ftw!)! Find survivors with unique abilities (Unique as in "Special" Olympics or...), and clear infected areas with their help to move forward to the exit (Sawxy!). You need to be prepared for the attacks in each area (Bow chika bow wow), so you better train your survivors to encounter zombies! You can also use your special skills (RUN Forrest RUN!) in the battles, but each one has a cooldown (or pay with real life money microtransactions to quickly overcome Autism) before they can be activated again, so use them wisely (drooling is not one of them). rnrnCan you get out of the city before it's too late (How would you even know, do you have a watch on you?! Is there a specific deadline like 9:38 or something?! Waffles?)?

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